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Electric Fuso eCanter Delivers All-Electric Cars in NZ
Big Rigs 02nd March 2022 Tags:

Electric cars are being delivered with an electric Fuso eCanter in New Zealand.

Carr & Haslam’s vehicle transport division began delivering electric vehicles across Auckland this week.

Carr & Haslam Director, Chris Carr, explained that it made sense to use the zero-emission eCanter to deliver fully electric cars.

“This zero-emission option will help our clients reduce their carbon footprint for distribution within Auckland City,” he said.

Carr and Haslam has a strong focus on emission reduction, with a number of Euro 6 Mercedes-Benz and Fuso trucks, in addition to the fully-electric eCanter.

“Contracts are already being won and lost based on carbon emissions,” Carr explained.

“We have a number of Daimler Euro 6 heavy trucks in our fleet, which exceed current NZ regulations, but this Fuso eCanter is the first in what will be an increasing line of EVs from our suppliers and following this path will be a necessity in the future.”

The 7.5-tonne eCanter, equipped with a hydraulic loading platform, is a neat fit for Carr & Haslam’s vehicle transport division.

The switch to electric propulsion is not the first major technology shift that has occurred at Carr & Haslam, with the iconic New Zealand company having switched from horse-drawn carts to combustion-engine trucks near the start of last century.

“The move to today’s new technology is every bit as important, and as challenging, as it was back in 1922, when my grandfather stood proudly in Auckland’s Grey Lynn (suburb) with his first internal combustion engine truck lined up ahead of the technology it would eventually replace,” said Carr.

“Just like stepping into that first diesel Brockway, driving an EV in a heavy commercial application requires new skills. To get the best from it, our team will need to learn how to maximise eCanter’s strengths.”

Carr agreed that this is the direction businesses need to be taking and is grateful for the support and assistance of the New Zealand Energy and Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) and its ‘Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund’ in enabling that first step.

“The main benefit of moving to EV is, of course, reduced emissions. All of us know that reducing CO2 is a focus for the world and it is driving consumer choice and the decisions of the powers that be.

“The eCanter, and our Euro 6 Daimler fleet, will also deliver vehicles for our government contracts, giving those customers greatly reduced emissions in line with their objectives.,

Carr said he’s also closely following a select group of others who have deployed EV trucks into the Auckland Inner City Zero Emission Area Trial.

Fuso eCanter customers in New Zealand are realising up to 150km range on a full single charge.

The eCanter can be fully charged in less than 90 minutes using a 50kW fast charger.

All eCanters are equipped with active safety features such as the Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) and the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), which are increasingly important for leading companies and government bodies with a firm focus on health and safety.

The eCanter became the first Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) to be introduced in Australia last year and units are currently in operation with Australia Post and Centurion.

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